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Thread: From my favorite 'anonymous' writer...

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    henry V

    That is the respose from you I was expecting!!!

    You think it OK for goverment to Steal Profit from Private companies to pay for a product the government is FORCING all its citizens to take...

    Again..... This is what I expected from you!!
    While the treat or convention does indeed state what you quoted,it also goes on to give definitions.

    as long as your "state" agrees with the definitions by signature.

    The convention defines illicit as the manufacture of ammunition without a license.

    therfore your will be required to purchase a license. That evolves to another tax,and makes it so you could be subject to a audit from the government.
    i knew my taking the time to post my proof to the questions you so sunk ally asked of me in your previous post would be a waste.

    you sir are free to believe what you will. Just as I am free to do the same.

    Just remember it is President Obama that is pushing to have this convention ratified.
    Presidento Clinton and President Bush never gave it any consideration.

    why is President Obama taking a different stance?

    He can't get around the second amendment with U.S. law, so he attacks through the back door,and very quietly Also.

    Bought another gun last week...

    Order in for MORE reloading supplies tomorrow...

    I'll be prepared...


    Please forgive also. I typed this on my phone. It spells worse than I do.

    i hope the new Obama model is higher edcratatede
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    Yes, I believe that excise taxes are OK. The medical device tax is similar to the gas tax for transportation. I am sure some companies will take advantage of your companies decision to make themselves less competitive over an excise tax. Let the competitive market work.

    Yes, I believe everyone should be required to have insurance. We end up paying for the medical care of people without insurance at a much higher cost than if we subsidize their insurance. This is exactly why this mandate was a conservative idea directly out of the heritage foundation. Well, at least it was a conservative idea until the party veered far to the right.

    You can read in all the meanings you want into the treaty and are free to believe the hysteria and propaganda and buy more guns. Please, spend, spend, spend, it is good for the economy.

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    Come on Gooser, you know all true blue libs never met a tax they didn't like.
    Bill Davis

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    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman View Post
    Come on Gooser, you know all true blue libs never met a tax they didn't like.
    Ain't that the truth!
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