Free Dirt ends in dissaster for dump truck
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Thread: Free Dirt ends in dissaster for dump truck

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    Default Free Dirt ends in dissaster for dump truck

    I got 30 loads of free dirt to raise a low area on my dog training place in Thomasville. I guided every truck into the area, while I was talking to the job boss, one driver decided to take a short cut across one of my dikes.

    After my daughter (4 year old) and I drove over, she looked at the driver and said you were not supposed to cross this culvert, I about died laughing. The poor driver just said yes I was supposed go go up the hill and drive around. See attached pictures

    The owner of the truck showed up and hit the roof, tomorrow a large wrecker is supposed to be here, i also explained to the owner that if he bent my 36 inch culvert he would buy me and install a new one.

    I look forward to tomorrow morning.

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    Haa! Hope it doesn't settle over night and flip into the pond!
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    Yep, driver erro. I think if I were the owner the driver would be shovling dirt for while.

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    Been there, done nearly that (no culvert lost & I was paying for rock) X2. Truck nearly in the pond the 1st time, then he backed out on the other dike...

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    I would think a backhoe might be a better option than a wrecker. Unload the truck with the backhoe, then push dirt into downside wheels, then lift and pull truck backwards, then load dirt and fix damage to dike and clean up..... Not that I have helped drivers before lol....
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    Here's your sign!!
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    backhoe won't do it....
    Excavator maybe, if big.
    and I'd go forward, not back.
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    Please let us know how this turns out! I have gotten in binds before and want to see how this turns out. I'd use Ken's excavator to stabalize the truck box and a bull dozer to pull it forward. Good luck with the culvert. Bill
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    Even though it was their fault, if they were doing you a favor and giving you the dirt, I'm not sure that I'd make a big deal over it. Replacing the culvert might just be the cost of the "free" dirt.
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    If you have a front end loader, you might chain the bucket to the rear of the truck and lift when the wrecker was pulling. You'd only be able to do that for about 3-4 feet before the loader got pulled forward but it might be enough to help the wrecker "unstick" the axles enough that the 3-4 feet would put him on solid ground.

    Then again, maybe Joey and the "Mistress" off the tv show "Wrecked" could just lift the whole truck clear.

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