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That is the greatest sadness, Tom, that our educational system has totally failed to have her understand what it means for every voter to get just one vote. What would she say if others did what she did to make Romney win?

The article mentions that "several dozen" cases are being investigated in Hamilton County alone. We know about the Philadelphia precincts that registered not a single vote for Romney. We also have not heard more about the disparities in registration v. votes cast in Allen West's district in FL.

Do we really think that there is no significant voter fraud? Just like we thought that the IRS was supposed to be apolitical?

No... The libs scream over and over that there is no voter fraud... Then stick their heads back in the sand. Much like the claims about media bias towards the left. "We" know it's there... But "they" have the cover of the media. So, like Obama, they just carry on... Nothing to see here.