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Maybe I'm wrong, but it seems it allows handlers to engage in the activity through having some input with their dogs versus the dog doing most of the work. Why? Because somebody is/are going to get cut from the get-go and it took quite a commitment of time and money to attend, to include the pre-Nat training.
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I was just trying to stimulate a little discussion - but looking at it this way - we all know going to a national is not inexpensive - you can get your dog's name in the catalog by just qualifying - so for those thousands of dollars spent to be there - your dog got 1, that's one, live bird - how many threads have there been on this forum about the importance of marking & at the premier event in the retriever world the early outs got to exhibit that 1 time? Can anyone name one good reason?
Kjrice gave an example as to a possibility. Theres 3 judges with national experience and the possibilities could be countless, although I imagine there warranted. What I do know is the best marking dog of the week will be the new NFC. Would you like to see 10 series of marks instead?