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Thread: 2012 Funnies! Happy New Year...

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    Default 2012 Funnies! Happy New Year...

    Ok I was gonna nominate the Goose's thread about Diane's health food cookies (!) but the date doesn't qualify.

    I LOVE the funnies..watcha got?

    Merry New Year!

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    In the middle of 2012, I was putting the word out to friends and training partners that I was considering breeding my bitch to Grady. A friend and training partner sent me an email along with this picture saying that if it didnít work out with Grady I might want to consider this guy as a stud dog.
    Terry C.

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    Santa George.jpgMy brothers dog. Both funny and scary at the same time.

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    Wow, not used to seeing a big dog with a ugly face. Poor GSP! lol

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    I had forgotten the story about the cookies!

    Earlier this year, I had a really bad painful tooth. A course it was in the very back of my head,, and was in the middel row of my three rows a teeth!!

    I had to go in for an emergengency disenfectomy.

    I am also a Diabetic... I MUST eat food at certain times,, or I can go semi conciouse and do all sorts a stupid stuf,, that usually involves the removal of underwear.. ANYWAY,, the appointment was late in the day,, right about my diinner time... i couldnt eat,, to painfull,, so I downed a full can a full blown sugary soda,, and chased it with some a Boras maple syrup!!! Then Off to the dentist..

    The surgical proceedure took quite a bit more timethat they expected,, primarlity cause I kicked the dentist in the Jimmy for tryin to open my mouth wider than It has ever been opened before , to place the Latex rubber thingy in there so I wouldnt swaller his pliers he couldnt hang onto.... ANYWAYS AGAINNN

    Mrs Gooser started to get concerned, cause I hadnt come home yet,, and she hadnt heard nothin from me.. So,, She called the dentist office to find out If I was still there.. She told the receptionist,, that I was Diabetic,, and that I had left the house without my "sippy cupp" and my emergency "juicy Juice" and she axed the lady if she would be so kind to back and inform the doctor,, I prolly needed something to sweetiin me up..

    The girl came back into the room,,and announce that Mrs Baker had called and said that Mr Baker had left his home without his "sippy cup" and needed his nighttime "jucy juice" "" She said that Mrs baker has requested we all take a "time out" and make sure mr Gooser was OK....

    It was really embarrassing,, cause they ,,, WEE,,,, was really startin to have fun with the Gas they was givin Gooser!!! They was all laughin at how my eyes crossed when theys told me to breath deep!! We was really havin fun!!!!

    The dentist actually quit,, and went and got me a cup of apple juice!!!!

    He told me they didnt have any "sippy Cups" and that I was gonna have to be a "trooper" and drink from a "Big Boy " beer mug.

    I recieved a package from the denteist office a couple adys later,, and they actually went out and bout me a brand New "sippy Cup"
    It is a clown,,, and Ya drink through his NOSE!!! KINDA GROSSSS ,,, but funny!!

    Every time I go back to that dentist,, they ask me If I brought my "sippy Cup""



    I was also told thAT MRS Gooser had left strict instuctions that I call home and let her know when I was on my way!!

    How embarrassing!! Imagine if I had gone to the strip club!!
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    Um Gooser...ya might wanna reread your story and maybe do a little editing. Hint: paragraph 5 () is um maybe not appropriate for a family friendly site like this.

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