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Thread: Rehab advice

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    Default Rehab advice

    A friend suggested that I ask the list if anyone had experience with this type of injury. I would appreciate any rehab advice please (private or public appreciated) -

    My 4 1/2 year old lab had surgery yesterday to repair a medial collateral ligament rupture and metatarsal fracture to left rear leg. He was running after a tennis ball and landed wrong when the ball bounced "wrong". He is extremely high drive (all 49 lbs of him and competes in agility, etc. The surgeon was optimistic but I live in an area where rehab facility is not nearby (Western KY). If anyone has advice on recommendations for rehab facility or had similar experience, would appreciate it. I would gladly post the xray if anyone wants to see it.

    Thanks so much

    Martha & Wilson
    -Martha Veatch

    Lab crew from KY Breeze and Wilson

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    I'd recommend finding the nearest rehab place, setting up and appt and finding out what you can/should be doing at home to maximize recovery. My understanding is that there are many at-home things that can be done and some of those can/should be started very soon after the dog has come home. It's probably worth the drive for a consult or two to get the best things to be doing to help your dog recover.

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