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Thread: Jackie Mertens

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    Default Jackie Mertens

    I got a new pup how long does it take to go through this program?

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    Jackie's retriever puppy training video starts with a 7 week old pup through 8 months old. It covers many topics such as puppy socialization, obedience training and introduction to field work. This 80 minute program is recommended by top breeders and trainers worldwide.

    Per the advertisement
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    The answer is.... it depends. With ANY program you choose to use, it will depend on how much time you are able to put into training your dog, how well your dog responds to the training, and how well you are able to read your dog's responses to the training. Dog owners vary in their experience and their abilities, and dogs differ in how they respond to various aspects of training. It is best not to set your training goals based on a time-line and TO set your goals on an outcome or response you want to in your dog.
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    Once you start training your never done / finished, just moving to a new level.
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    it is not a time specific video, it goes over basic commands and fundamentals and how to train for them like using large fluffly animals, wooden dowels, paint rollers, and other bumper type things for retrieving to get them used to different items being in their mouth, also covers water entry, throwing marks, the here command, throwing double marks.

    it was a very useful video
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustinS View Post
    it was a very useful video

    Agreed, it was very usefull for me as well.

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