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Thread: Tea Leaves

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    Quote Originally Posted by menmon View Post
    coachmo...obviously I was not clueless because I perdicted the winner. Now all you guys have is excuses and I'm stupid. The fact that the guy you wanted to win did not does not make you stupid....not growing and learning from it is what makes you stupid.

    Remind me how many states Obummer won out of 50 again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by menmon View Post
    .................................................. .................................................. ...

    If your desire is to be informed, I recommend you start reading what I write and quit arguing since your argument is no more than the spin of the day.
    My fav Mac Davis song............It's Hard To Be Humble etc. fits here I believe.

    Ummm, I was listening to Okies thoughts as in my friendly neighbors before this election. Thats where my interest lay not with TV ads, spin docs etc. Common hard working folks who believe in paying off their debts not adding to them. It was my thought that Romney would win but by a very small margin. Of course it turned out the other way round.

    "To become competent in governing others, we must first learn to govern ourselves"
    Waite Phillips

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    Quote Originally Posted by coachmo View Post
    Menmon, I'm not sure I said obama wouldn't win. I didn't want him to win but that's besides the point. You get on here and call people stupid with what exactly to back that up? Your guy won the election and that makes you some kind of genius! I'll put my education and intelligence up against your underwhelming "smarts" anyway, anywhere with any venue you choose.
    All I have to go by is what I read that you post on here, so if I have misjudged you, I'm sorry. However, just a bunch of right spin doctor crap is all I ever read. So again I'm sorry if I offended you.

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    I'm not offended by your rants but I am often puzzled by your posts.

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