I'm kind of surprised there hasn't been more discussion about the Syrian situation.

The latest news is that a group of rebels has refused to participate in the West-backed plan for organization of the various rebel forces. They have set up their own Islamic state in the city of Aleppo.

Perhaps Obama did one intelligent thing in not committing to more assistance of the rebel forces there. Perhaps he learned something from what happened in Libya and Egypt? Perhaps the Benghazi cover-up did, indeed, have to do with providing arms to some Syrian rebels? That wouldn't look so good with the disarray of the rebel forces in Syria.

The statement by 13 radical factions that was posted on a militant website late Sunday suggested the extremist elements -- including the Al Qaeda-inspired Jabhat al-Nusra -- are suspicious of the new coalition. They rejected what they said was a "foreign project" and declared the northern city of Aleppo, where many radical groups have been fighting, an "Islamic state."

"We are the representatives of the fighting formations in Aleppo and we declare our rejection of the conspiratorial project, the so-called national alliance," the statement said. "We have unanimously agreed to urgently establish an Islamic state and to reject any foreign project."

The authenticity of the video could not be independently confirmed, but it was released on a website that carries Al Qaeda and other militant statements.

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