Top Sires and Dam from 2012 National Open
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Thread: Top Sires and Dam from 2012 National Open

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    Default Top Sires and Dam from 2012 National Open

    Always enjoy seeing this list every year to see who the top sires and dam for those that entered the National.....

    Stats courtesy of Retriever Results

    Here are the top sires of those dogs qualified for the 2012 National Open.

    Twelve Qualified Dogs

    NFC-AFC Clubmead's Road Warrior

    Seven Qualified Dogs

    FC-NAFC Carbon Copy of Horn Creek

    FC-AFC Creek Robber

    Six Qualified Dogs

    FC Fargo II

    Four Qualified Dogs

    NAFC-FC-CNAFC Ebonstar Lean Mac

    Esprit's Out of the Woods

    NFC-AFC Five Star General Patton

    Three Qualified Dogs

    NAFC-FC Cody Cut a Lean Grade

    FC-AFC Dare to Dream

    FC-AFC Esprit's Power Play

    FC-AFC Hawkeye's Candlewood Shadow

    FC-AFC Nick of Time Lone Ranger

    Here are the top dams of those dogs qualified so far for the 2012 National Open

    Six Qualified Dogs
    FC-AFC Tequilla Sunrise IX

    Four Qualified Dogs
    FC-AFC Candlewood's Rita Reynolds
    FC-AFC M and M's Buns of Steel
    FC-AFC Trumarc's Lean Cuisine
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    That is interesting, thanks for posting.....

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    Thanks Bon, those west coast superstars may stay at the top of the list for years to come!

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    I am very impressed that the one bitch had SIX dogs qualified for the same national. That is truly impressive.

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