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Thread: Need club radios recommendations

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    Default Need club radios recommendations

    A club is in the market for at least 20 radios. Prefer Motorola's that take 3-AA batteries. With as few bells and whistles as possible. Have looked at Costco website and website.

    What does your club use and what do you recommend? (Need model numbers.)


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    I bought a nice pair of fairly expensive Midland Radios that were recommended in the products forum here. They are as good as everyone said, until they are owned by me. 2 yrs later, one is lost, and the other ruined. The rechargable batteries pooped out on one of them after about 3 recharges as well, a common problem with expensive & cheap radios.
    Last year I saw a sale at Cabelas. $20.00 for a pair of basic FRS Motorola radios. They've served me well. I haven't lost them, and if I do, I don't care.
    Costco, or whatever, buy them on sale,. Hope for 1 yr out of them. Buy more. The expensive radios with miles of range claimed are mostly full of it and unneccesary for most of us.
    Just my opinion.
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    Helen : check Fry's Electronics, they have location in Calif. NV.TX. and AZ.....they sell just about every radio on the market and many come in multi pack(4or more) units
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    Take a look @ these by Midlannd
    GXT1000/1050 Series

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    I recently ordered 4 motorolas form Ebay for $60 shipped. They are reburbs, but work fine, they look brand new.

    6 radios for $96 including shipping.
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    Ohio Valley bought 4 of the Midlands GXT760 2 years ago.
    We use them to talk between the stakes at our HT's. They have the rechargable batteries and thus far have worked great.
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