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Thread: New training videos from Britain - Looks neat.

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    I agree w/ Robert in that the "pelts" or lack thereof have no real bearing on the content of the DVD. The end of the DVD will show whether or not the methods produced dogs capable of doing the work. All that said, making FTCH's is one way to measure a trainers success. But if he's not in it for that, this method is useless.

    For instance, we could argue all day about Mike Stewart's dog training capabilities, but titles wouldn't have anything to do with it.

    This is why I mentioned that Ross did earn us FTCH. Doesn't matter whether Keith handled him for it or not. The dvd shows Keith train the dog from puppy onward, & the dog earned the FTCH. That's more than enough pudding for me.
    -Barton Ramsey

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    Default matters quite a jot to a lot of folks. The question is does what HE does, produce champions at HIS game, with HIM driving. Can he play golf, or is the "guru" just a driving range pro? The answer to that question has an awful lot of bearing on whether "what he does" is worth a flip, or worth paying for, you know?

    To use your golf analogy.
    Can you then say that Sean Foley who coaches golfers such as Hunter Mahan, Tiger Woods, Sean O'Hair, Stephen Ames and Justin Rose is not worth listening to because he chose to become a great instructor rather than try to go the tour route?

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    OK, lets play with the golf analogy. If I can measure the success of the training, by watching Tiger, O'Hair and others win majors, then he is worth listening to on the swing. If not, not so much. Just another guy. From what I hear above, the man is good at "breeding" golfers. I want to know how many of those golfers DID HE COACH HIMSELF TO A MAJOR? If you claim to be a "guru" golf coach, that is a pretty fair question. Amazing how folks want to do the run around, and not just answer a simple question. I have not downed his DVD's, I have asked about his credentials. Its a really simple numerical answer: O, 1, 2.
    Wm. Mark Edwards
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