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The mistakes I made running a very talented dog way to early.
there is a bunch of excitement in hrc tests.

make sure the dog is very steady.There will be big swings between the bird stations.Do NOT listen to advice that the dog can reposition. Make sure the dog sits.

have him prepared for long blinds showing good controll.
Run long blinds in training,after you have prepared the dog with necessary pile work, Swim by , ect . Teach the dog to Handel.follow him out on early blinds, and teach the dog to cast.
When you can stay at the line, and confidently run 150 yrd blinds with little corrections, you are ready.
You won't have to sweat that 60 yrd seasoned blind,the dog will prolly come very close to lining it.
The dog will sit at the line and not move. Makes it soooooo much less stressful for you the handler.
Look towards your big picture, instead of the instant gratification of a 3.00 ribbon.

You have a ton of time to run tests. They can be very fun, if you take the care to prepare the dog.
Like your statement looking at the big picture!!!