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Thread: Dogtra Collars - Stimulation points vs. CONTACT POINT SCG-401K

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    Default Dogtra Collars - Stimulation points vs. CONTACT POINT SCG-401K

    Anyone tried the CONTACT POINT SCG-401K from Dogtra? My dog is still getting sores on her neck and she really doesn't get that many corrections. It seems to happen when we are hunting and she is wet. I thought I would give this a try if there was any positive feedback.

    Also, folks who have had this problem, do other manufacturer's collars give you similar issues?

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    Corrections have nothing to do with it. Mine got them when she was young. Only when hunting and wet. Never worried about it, after hunt I would clean and put some neosporin or the like, and it always cleared up. She's almost 9 now and havent had any for a long time. it is and was a Tri Tonics flyway

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