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Thread: Bumper Boy O Rings

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    Not positive, but ACE Hardware should carry a selection of O-rings as well. And you'll find them faster than the warehouse stores.
    I needed to replace one for our kitchen sink stopper (bigger than 1" diameter) and I remember they had quite a selection of sizes. And this was at a small ACE neighborhood store.


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    Quote Originally Posted by acemedic1 View Post
    I cant find any spray graphite like they show on the bb videos....regular powdered works the same right? Forgive my ignorance on the subject...thanks in advance.
    Go to any auto supply store

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    Quote Originally Posted by suepuff View Post
    #11's from Lowes and I use Lithium Grease regularly. You can tell when the o-rings need to be replaced. They stretch. If not greased regularly they dry rot and crack too.

    I take them off carefully with a small screw driver. If you just cut them off with knife you scratch the shafts.

    I don't seem to have problems with my bumper boys like others have stated. But I do all of the listed, plus, before I put the bumpers on each time, I clean them out with a rag wrapped around my heeling stick. Cleans out all the trash, gunpowder, gunk.....I have the old electronics and same servos too. They are 8 shooters used regularly. I am regularly reprimanded by a retired marine about my equipment though. His is in perfect condition!


    Sue Puff
    Sue, now you know our "retired marine" is a lovable little fuzz ball, I find it hard to believe he would reprimand anyone about anything. HA!

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    Grease attracts dust & grit. Not good.
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    I got the graphite spray at NAPA auto store, $8 or so for the can. I tried Fastenal, but no luck, although the internet said they have it.

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