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Thread: Use of IPad in judging

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bubba View Post
    Every electronic device has a built in "Critical Need Sensor" that automatically initiates a massive failure upon sensing that it has become extremely critical that it operate properly. Once the need has passed, the sensor resets and normal operations are allowed to continue.

    Pencils don't have that feature regards

    Amazing ...... that makes sense.

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    Yet one item that people have yet to understand about the iPad is the pure fact that you can't see the screen when you have a clear sky and shining sun.
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    I use iPad outside in direct sun for 10+ hours a day. I have an anti glare screen cover and I can see it perfectly. You can also get waterproof cases ( iPads are unreal. Best electronic out there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northernco View Post
    I use iPad outside in direct sun for 10+ hours a day. I have an anti glare screen cover and I can see it perfectly. You can also get waterproof cases ( iPads are unreal. Best electronic out there
    I was searching for this thread for another purpose, but am glad I came across it.

    I would sincerely enjoy seeing how someone uses an iPad to judge a retriever trial. I would love to see how they manipulate through and how they scroll through to look at their candidates and pick the placements. I still think that to me, paper would be better.

    Regarding the iPad. I believe it is a wonderful tool.

    However, I recently had a situation where my iPad and iPhone both shut down and told me this: (actual screenshot from my iPhone)

    iPhone heat warning.jpg

    While I agree that we should never be running dogs when it is this hot, I just don't know that I want to be responsible for the weekend, as a judge, and be this reliant on an electronic device to not let me down due to: battery life, precipitation, temperature, and the overall reliance upon an electronic device, which likely will crash and burn one day.

    Again, I do want to see how those who have developed the "best practice" for iPhone trial judging, do it. I am one of these "never say 'never'" types. I'm not from Missouri, but in this case, I want to be shown before I buy in.
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    Speaking as a HT judge, and not from the generation of "fast thumbs" I tend to rely more on notes than diagrams. And I can scribble notes while not taking my eye off the dog. And if I score on the wrong sheet, it's easy to reshuffle the pages in the book. And I don't have to worry about system failure, just my own mental meltdown. Having said all that I can see a real benefit in tracking training work. Once while some experienced FT judges and trialers were setting up a training session a guy brought up his ipad - or something like it - showed the group a recent Google aerial, pointed out that the aerial showed details the setup crew could not see from the line and the group quickly resolved the setup using the imagery available on the ipad. The guy went on to record each dog's effort so all could look at an instant vid of their work. Pretty cool, but he had his head down on the ipad the whole time. I don't want technology to get in the way when I'm scoring dogs.

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    Just a side note. Use of an I Pad or other such could prove to be as problematic for a judge as a poster on RTF! Is there anyone here who found it far too easy to post on a computer when they would have said something entirely different if they had to use a pencil and actually THINK about what they wrote down?
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