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Thread: The human phycy

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    Quote Originally Posted by charly_t View Post
    By the time that I was sort of accepted I did not want to be accepted. On the other hand I made some good, life-long friends among those people. Just sort 'em out till you find the good ones.

    This is so very true. What has been interesting to me is that people I had a good feeling about online, turned out to be just like I had imagined when I met them in person. The people I got bad vibes from, I either never met in person, was snubbed by, or if I did meet them, most of my concerns were legit. But indeed, I have made some wonderful friends here. There is hardly anywhere I can travel where I can't find a helping hand if I need it. I hope that they will expect the same from me when traveling down this way!
    After years of beating my head against the wall, I just don't post on threads with people I know I can not discourse with in a civilized manner. It would be like stopping to look at the wreck on the highway and get involved with it at the same time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    Nooo, I think he meant phycy and just accidentally added some letters the second time.
    Could define phycy? My guess (as I read the thread earlier) is like Bon said, he meant psyche (si kee).

    As far as answering Pete, I think people post here for all sorts of reasons. Mostly, its probably boredom. Some people feel "far superior" on the internet than they do in real life.

    I like to think, that what I post on this site, I would not hesitate to say to someone in person.

    Its my opinion, and you have yours. I do listen, take in, evaluate and then either agree or disagree with what other folks say.


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    There are few here that don't put any credence in what I post because I am not politically the same as the majority here. Like Ken and WRL said, I don't type anything that I wouldn't tell someone to their face. There are some here that talk pretty tough behind a keyboard, but would not dare say those same things to someone's face. If in fact these tough talkers would say these things to someone's face, they are either one tough SOB, or a very STUPID SOB. My guess though would be the latter.
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