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Thread: Wheeeee...won't this be fun????

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    Default Time for a change of scerery

    Quote Originally Posted by Pals View Post
    The more I look around and wonder where the America I love has gone~ the more devestated and depressed I get.
    You could always move to Canada but please don't bring any Democrats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buzz View Post
    I admit that I don't know much about investing but I would think that if you expect a plunge, stocks like P&G might be your best bet. They make stuff people buy regardless. Oil on the other hand will tank with a plunge in the economy and soar with a strong economy. It is very volatile while P&G is not so much. And they pay a reasonable dividend. Too bad that Buffett isn't my buddy, I could use a friend like him.
    I'm no expert either, but he sold them off in large chunks. Everybody knows you don't do that if they are on their way up.
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