Best Pheasant Season, Ever. - Small brag about my son and my dog.
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Thread: Best Pheasant Season, Ever. - Small brag about my son and my dog.

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    Default Best Pheasant Season, Ever. - Small brag about my son and my dog.

    So, this year has been an awesome season.

    Peyton has been flushing birds like a fiend. On opening day (I wasn't there) she flushed up about 6 or 7 on an organized hunt, and made a retrieve that was about 80-100 yards in heavy cover that impressed everyone there. According to my buddy who took her out, everyone thought it was too hard of a retrieve. I guess she marked the fall good on a bird that was hit lightly and nailed the retrieve.

    On two other occasions, she flushed up birds in areas where other dogs had gone through at least 2-3 passes. I know that last hunt, in a planted area, she flushed up 9 of 30 birds, with at least 10-12 other dogs in the field.

    My son, Eric got his first bird on his third hunt of the year. He didn't really have any opportunities until then. He hit a bird Peyton flushed up on the second shot with his double barrel and it sailed into heavy cover. He marked it pretty good and it took Peyton about one minute to find it when we got her there. He was excited..

    My most proud moment though was when the radio station we were listening to on the way to a hunt played the National Anthem. Eric removed his hat and stopped talking. He just sat in the passenger's seat until it was over...

    Anyway, so far an awesome season... I hope the pictures show up, and HAPPY HUNTING.

    Mark, Peyton's Touchdown Pass (JH) and Peyton's Sun-loving Baby Bindi (Troublemaker)

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    There ya go! Nice pictures and looks like a great day!

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    Awesome!! Great memories!!
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