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Thread: What are your thoughts on fostering dogs from your local shelter???

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    I fostered a litter once. I love raising puppies but it was a bit of a debacle. I will only foster in very careful situations from now on and not from the local shelter. Breed rescue maybe...
    BUT the biggest reason I dont do fosters right now is that we are on a rural road in a rural county with more than our fair share of dumped dog and strays. I try to keep enough leeway to do something for those dogs. I have a dumped right now living on the front porch.... refusing to leave. If anybody needs a catahoula blue merle let me know. Free spay and vaccs already included
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    Join the LRC Inc (if you aren't already a member!), and I'd be HAPPY to put you to work on our rescue taskforce answering emails 10 days a month.

    I too used to foster before I started breeding more regularly. Just not worth the risk around here as parvo is now being joined occasionally by distemper too.

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    Sounds like youve already decided against it which I would agree with. I avoid the shelters like the plague- just cant risk bringing anything home to mine or my clients' dogs.
    But- there are ALWAYS dogs needing homes/foster etc..... I usually step in on dogs needing rescue before they end up in the pound. I call it "private rescue"- I have one girl now who was just spayed and off to her new home next week. She makes a HUGE case for rescue -she is the sweetest little labrador Ive ever met and has the "I'll do ANYTHING for you " temperement.
    Just because you dont pull someone from a shelter, you still do your part if you help one out here and there- at least thats what I think- FWIW....
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