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Thread: Training an older retriever

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    Default Training an older retriever

    I'm a new member and am looking for some help/advice. We just adopted a 10 month old male black lab. I'm a pretty avid duck hunter and would love to train this lab to retrieve. In the past, I have trained two labs from puppies into workable gun dogs, but I'm far from what I would call "knowledgeable" as a trainer. I relied very heavily on the Wolters method, and used a video by Mike Mathiot to fill in the holes. I'm pretty confident this dog can be trained, but both Wolters and Mathiot methods center on a puppy and beginning at 8 weeks.

    That said, are there any books or other resources I could look at? Will the Wolters method work for me? He seems to be responding well to learning the general obedience type training such as sit, stay, heel, and kennel. I'm not looking for a field trial dog, just a weekend hunting partner. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Start as if he was 10 weeks. You should be fine.

    Good luck with your dog.
    John Lash

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