GSP duck hunting?
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Thread: GSP duck hunting?

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    Default GSP duck hunting?

    hey guys. i was wondering what are your thoughts on hunting a gsp for ducks? i know they r a versitile breed and all but i was wondering how they do with the cold weather? i hunt alot when the snow is on the ground. and i know they have the shorthair so thats my main concern. thanks guys for the info

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    I hunted with a guy that owned a GSP and we hunted him from Sept to the end of Dec field hunting for geese here in NW PA, He did fine for us. Get him a neoprene vest you should be ok
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    I would be careful. Neoprene vest are great but I would be hesitent having the pup hunting in watch with ice on it or freezing temperature where they have to perform water retrieves. I am sure people on here have more experience with this just my two cents. You can never be too careful.

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    I would expect a GSP to out and break ice but see no reason not to hunt ducks with one. You have to be senseable about it. I wouldn't be out there with one at 10 degrees. 25 maybe and know how to read the dog to know if he is infact too cold.

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    They have just been approved by AKC for Retriever Hunt Tests. I have seem many in Navhda do the deed but I would watch any long water and cold temps.

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    If you have a retriever- why would you hunt a gsp on waterfowl? While Ive never hunted waterfowl with one, I've spoken to many who had done it, and they were miserable cold. If you've not gotten one yet-and want a pointer, consider a GWP- the folks that have them speak highly of their versatility .
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    I guided in South East Texas for several years with a GSP hunting waterfowl. He was from a male brought over from Germany and was solid Liver and was much larger than most Amercian bred GSP's. Most people did not know he was not a lab. They thought his tail was cutoff in an accident. That being said it rarely gets cold here.

    You need to be very careful with the GSP to ensure his safety. They can and will break ice and retrieve in the cold on a busy day with lots of retrieves in shallow water they will be fine. When they have to swim a lot on cold days or wait a long time between retrieves they are miserable.

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