lets remember the one's we lost this year
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Thread: lets remember the one's we lost this year

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    Default lets remember the one's we lost this year

    Since Dec is coming lets here some stories about the ones we Lost this year

    the good friends I lost this year
    first Larry Buettner Great man to the dog world and family who I will really miss
    a story I will share that Larry told me we were shooting ducks at a trial and
    we were talking about his sons and he said he was really proud of them all
    and he had to cut one of them some slack because he was just like him when he was
    that age!! God Speed Larry

    also lost a great friend Pat Mchale any one who new him always helpful and a quick joke
    or a laugh and great with dogs, my Pat story met him for the first time judging with him
    Easter weekend down by Wichita Ks we hit it off right away the problem it was about 12 degrees
    I thought he might not make it through this as he really did not bring the right coats
    Pat says to me that If I get a little goofy later in the day my blood sugar might be out of wack
    so keep a eye on me, I said that would be ok as it will make my callbacks easier. After that we became great friends
    and met at tests and judged again Great man again God Speed

    Last and quick lost 2 dogs within 1 mo both of my first MH's
    and I really miss them to many great memories to think of just one story
    I know they will be waiting for me Miss you; Calli and Caesar

    David Jansma
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    The time you spend on earth with your dog is precious; enjoy it to your fullest

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    I lost my friend and best veterinarian this summer to cancer. Dr Art Neves DVM had helped make new puppies via AI, and helped me say goodbye to cherished friends, and everything in between. He had a great sense of humor and loved Labrador Retrievers like no others, they were clearly his favorites. He was a great human , great vet and friend. He cant be replaced and will be missed and remembered.
    I am however; thankful to say that none of my dogs left me this year and with some old ones, I"m so very grateful for that.
    HOME OF:
    Waterspook Sables Dark Secret, MH (Sable)
    Trumarcs Bankshot Bandit, MH ( Fats)
    Waterspook Tomfoolery, SH ( Tommie)
    Waterspook Bankshot Whiz Bang,JH (Jesse)
    Waterspooks Girl Named Bill, SH ( Billie- my princess.....)
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    Waterspook Kickin' Good Time MH(Kick)
    Waterspooks Partner In Crime, SH ( Bouncer)
    Brush Creek Waterspook, JH, WC- my first girl.(Spooky)

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    Senior Member David Maddox's Avatar
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    Mrs. Emma Lou Davis & Pat McHale. 2 fantastic dog people here in Texas. Two of my favorite HT judges to run under. Straight forward, but tough.
    I will personally miss Lou's ever present "hi darlin" or "hi baby", and Pat's always funny "pull my finger".

    Hey Pat!!! You're the only judge to ever drop my Dancy---LOL!
    We are only as good as those that surround us.

    Birthplace to:
    •'09 National Finalist FC-BAYOU TECHE TEX
    Gettin' Jiggy Widdit-MH
    Dancin' Dreamer Kate-MH (dam to FC-"FINN", several QAAs, 2-MNHs)

    RIP Jiggy, Kate, and sweet mama Dancy!!!

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