Puppy nervous on slippery floors?
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Thread: Puppy nervous on slippery floors?

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    Default Puppy nervous on slippery floors?

    If your pup was nervous on slippery/slick floors when young, did it go on to show other nervous/suspicious behavior especially in new environments?
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    My pup had the hardest time on our hardwood....slipped and slid and made himself crazy on them haha. We ended up getting the Hop part of "Hop Scotch Whiskey" from the way he jumped around trying to walk on the floor. He doesnt show any signs of suspicion now though, hopefully yours will turn out the same

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    my 18 month BLM is still scared to death of our back porch floor. But has the courage of a red eyed lion in any situation I have put him in..and he is dead afraid of the vacuum.

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    I was taught to keep pups off slippery floors, hardwood floors, stairs etc and the slipping and sliding is not good for the development of the hips.

    Is this correct?

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