There are changes for the Lassen Ret. Club field trial to be held Feb 8-9-10.

The major stake judges will also be judging the minor stakes.
DERBY JUDGES: Joe Beitler and Joe Taylor (also doing the Amateur)
QUAL JUDGES: Anna Calvert and Steve Kompf (also doing the Open)

HEADQUARTERS: Lassen Investment Property (80 Acres), next to Phoenix Spas, 4606 Panorama Pt Rd., Anderson, CA

Derby on Friday at Lassen Investment Property (80 Acres). The Amateur follows the Derby. All Amateur series will be at 80 Acres.

Open on Friday at Anderson Creek Ranch, first series only. The Open will then move to Golden Glen Kennels for series 2-3-and 4.
Qualifying follows the Open. All Qualifying series will be held at Golden Glen Kennels.

MAP: see map on the premium at Entry Express.

Helen Graves, F.T. Secretary