Andy Attar & Pat Burns Retriever Training Seminar, Cairo, GA, Jan. 25-27, 2013
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Thread: Andy Attar & Pat Burns Retriever Training Seminar, Cairo, GA, Jan. 25-27, 2013

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    Default Andy Attar & Pat Burns Retriever Training Seminar, Cairo, GA, Jan. 25-27, 2013

    Jump-Start your Winter Training -- Retriever Training Seminar with Pat Burns & Andy Attar, Cairo, GA, Jan. 25–27, 2013. This seminar will simulate training with top pros, where set-ups are modified to challenge varying levels of dogs. Regardless of your dogs’ current level you will walk away with a wealth of information. Handler and Observer slots are limited.

    For application information: Deb Marmarelli, 989.773.4959,

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    Tri-Tronics, Avery, and Purina are sponsoring this event. Don't miss a great raffle!

    For application information: Deb Marmarelli, 989.773.4959,

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    Pat and Andy will discuss the actual setting up of all age field trial tests with experienced judges attending the seminar. We will run those tests and then dive into all the considerations of becoming efficient at training for these: analyzing a test dog, how to learn from what we’ve seen, in depth discussion on how training can best prepare for the test, and conditioning the canine athlete. Bird placement, use of grounds, and evaluating a field will be discussed. Perspective on how dogs performed will lead to creating a plan to make our dogs better. Finally, we will assess how to break down certain behaviors to enable the dog’s success. Weather permitting we will run up to 4 tests a day. This format is new and exciting and we can’t wait to begin this journey.

    Observer Spots are available. Contact Deb Marmarelli, or 989.859.0695

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    I attended the last two of these events in Michigan. Andy and Pat are both very professional and informative in their teaching, and were also very entertaining to listen to at times! Definitely a must to attend for both the new and "well seasoned" retriever trainers...
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    Huge thank you: to John Stracka, Don Bovers, Wes Lee, Judy Rasmuson, and Dennis Voigt for helping to design tests, for discussion of those tests and how they might be approached and judged; to Dr. Jennell Appel for information about maintaining our canine athletes; to John Stracka for the use of your fabulous land; to handlers and observers for so much input; to Pat and Andy for delivering a new seminar format that focused on preparing for tests and the judging of tests; and to local sponsors and Purina for a dinner that exceeded expectations.

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