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Thread: He Always liked Guns?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken Bora View Post
    I was miffed enough to start a potus thread hours afore Costas even wadded in. Just from the espn morning football countdown. he, as I saw the heap a growing and he chose to pile on! He could have spoke it another way. I wonder what if any feedback the league and the network are getting? Even Vermont public radio did a story about the Costas commentary and if liberal ol' them are talking about fox must. I have not had the TV on for a few, have you?
    There was an article today on Foxnews.com about the Costas commentary.
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    9 times, he shot her 9 freaking times!
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    Yes shooting someone 9x is rage.
    He was pissed at her .
    Then "Holy Crap did I do that?"
    Looking for sympathy from his coaches he goes to them and shoots himself. Killing oneself "IS" a selfish act. Did he ever consider his daughter? Or what impression he left on his poor coaches? Good grief!!!!!!!!!
    Tradegy all around.
    Very sad!!!!!!!!!
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    I saw a bumper sticker once that said, "If guns kill people; then spoons made Rosie O'Donnell fat" that pretty much sums up people trying to blame an inanimate object for someone's actions.

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    Has everything come full circle finally?

    The city of San Bernardino is broke & can't afford to make its pension payments and has had to lay off police officers. So ... they had to tell their citizens to "lock your doors and load your guns." This must be really painful for liberal California to resort to telling its citizens to protect themselves!

    The city attorney of San Bernardino is under scrutiny for telling residents to "lock their doors and load their guns" during a city council meeting, CBS Los Angeles reports.
    The official explained that because the city just outside of Los Angeles is bankrupt and slashing public safety budgets, people will need to start protecting themselves.

    City Attorney Jim Penman said he doesn't regret what he said.
    "You should say what you mean and mean what you say," Penman said.

    The city attorney said approximately 150 residents came to a council meeting to voice their concerns about recent crimes in the area, including the murder of an elderly woman last week.

    "You could tell the swell of frustration was coming over a lot of folks. They did not feel like they could get an officer out as quickly to some of the quality-of-life issues that they were dealing with as they would have preferred," said Councilwoman Wendy McCommack, who organized the meeting and was present that night.

    "Well, if I remember right, I told them to 'lock their doors and load their guns,'" Penman said.

    Penman said the city is dealing with bankruptcy, which has forced officials to cut its police force by about 80 officers. Consequently, there's been growing criticism about the police department's response time.

    "Let's be honest, we don't have enough police officers. We have too many criminals living in this city. We have had 45 murders this year ... that's far too high for a city of this size," Penman said.

    The city attorney said it's important for people to be smart about protecting themselves and their family.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel J Simoens View Post
    9 times, he shot her 9 freaking times!
    You have to think that if he was THAT mad, she was dead, gun or not.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Franco View Post
    From our on-line Cajun Christmas photos...http://973thedawg.com/galleries/

    Me and the kids we got some guns our ownselves... JD
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    Costas is a tool box!!!! He was sighting someone else's words, doesn't even have the balls to say it himself, he hides behind someone else. What happens when a water truck hits a vinegar truck......doooooooouch......

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    I will be the first to agree guns don't kill without a person involved. So you have two options, get rid of the person or get rid of the gun. Both options are very difficult, so what do you do then? It's complicated but I'm a firm believer that if the postion of Zero Tolarance for guns is taken we will lose in the end, mainly because too many folks think the way the ESPN announcer does. Maybe not today but in time the votes will win the battle.

    Now my position maybe selfish because I want to keep my guns to hunt, and I believe that some concession are going to have to be made to make sure us hunters do not lose that prevledge. Somehow we have to de-couple our hunting guns from guns and I think we have a chance in the end.
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    thats how the liberial media works. they work slowly but surely in tring to make you feel guilty about what you know is right, you are not selfish.

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