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Thread: Leather Lanyards

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    I have a couple whistles on a string and a duck call in my pocket. Does a leather lanyard help?

    Not to hijack regards, Just askin? JD

    BTW....I have a filson duck coat in the back seat that the dogs have been sleepin' on for a dozen years and it's still not broken in. Any advice?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jgrammer View Post
    I wanted to say that Bob does absolutely beautiful work - I've been looking for over a year for a very specific lanyard (super thin, high quality) and he was able to deliver! Turn around time was fast for custom work. I hope the recipient of the lanyard likes it! If not I'll keep it for myself!
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    The wife bought me a leather lanyard from knotsmith.com a few years ago. You can buy laether lanyards cheaper, but you can't buy any better!!
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