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Thread: Medical: Coughy 13 yr old

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    Default Medical: Coughy 13 yr old

    I'm waiting to talk with my vet before taking her in but it will probably be so- in the meantime.
    Thoughts on a 13 yo BLF?? She has a throaty cough. Shes had it for some time, in fact vett'd her a couple years ago when it first presented but nothing was found or Dx. So recently past month or two , cough's a lot when she first gets up , raspy gaggy cough, sometimes pheghm comes up sometimes no.
    Lately its more often . I wonder about larangyl paralysis ,but thing is she doesnt tire out or have trouble breathing . Does the run/evening walk fine , doesnt tire easily or even hack during the walk. Does LP sometimes present with the cough but w/o the difficulty breathing?
    Whats involved with diagnostics for it? My vet listened to her heart and lungs last week when he was here for puppies, and did not detect any abnormalities there. X'ing fingers thats positive- I'm waiting for a call back from him to discuss before taking her in for a more thorough exam.
    Thanks for any knowledge on this one-
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    Bear started hacking/coughing when he would get excited. Xrays showed a slightly enlarged heart, his lungs didnt look to good( vet called them old dog lungs) and he has LP on one side, The vet did a scope of his throat while he was under. His coughing has gotten worse, he coughs at night in his sleep, when he gets up, gets excited, and he can no longer even make it to the end of the street without coughing. I'm taking him in again next week since he is now coughing worse at night. He never seemed to get tired we just would not continue whatever he was doing because of the cough. He has been on theophylline , a very low dose since it causes anxiety ( which worsens the LP) My vet wants to try Prednisone but since he takes Rymadyl thats not possible. Since I lost Dusty to LP last year Im very worried about Bear. I talked to a surgeon about doing the surgery for LP but because of other health issues we are not sure it would be the best decision he is 12. Prayers sent keep us posted
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    Maybe reflux, if it happens when she gets up from lying down?
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    Hacking, coughing, gagging, wretching in a 13 year old are all signs of laryngeal paralysis

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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    Hacking, coughing, gagging, wretching in a 13 year old are all signs of laryngeal paralysis
    My last one had this very thing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by EdA View Post
    Hacking, coughing, gagging, wretching in a 13 year old are all signs of laryngeal paralysis
    We have a 13y/o CLF with LP and earlier this year our 13.5y/o CLM was diagnosed with mega-esophagus which started with similar coughing, hacking and wretching.
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    Any updates Billie?


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    As EdA says, Laryngeal paralysis is pretty common in older Labradors, I've seen it a few time and have got an 11 yr boy that's just starting to show the signs
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    Someone told me there is a lazer surgery for LP but I have not been able to find a vet that could do it on the west coast.

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