Bill Whittle (Some of Ya'll Will Love This)
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Thread: Bill Whittle (Some of Ya'll Will Love This)

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    Default Bill Whittle (Some of Ya'll Will Love This)

    A bit jingoistic, but kinda fun to listen to. Think his position is somewhat simplistic, and I don't like the anti-environment slam, but otherwise makes me smile.
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    That was great!

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    right off the top his reference bachman... I turned it off. JD

    i went back and watched a little more...god help us.
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    I agree with many of his videos. But he is very scripted, he could do good things as a speech writer, or maybe his speech writers have good careers ahead of them. He speaks with a great deal of truth in many of his videos. But the sad part is he would never stand a chance in an election.
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