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Thread: British Labs / No Force????

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    Quote Originally Posted by crackerd View Post
    Or at least til Bobby Burns Night - which reminds me, do Scottish Labs deliver haggis? I didn't say deliver to hand, just deliver, being aware that you sent a dog across a few weeks ago and wanting to know if you can pass off a couple of haggi as dummies getting them through customs to accompany the next dog you ship over. And you rotter - Ken Dodd! Who will you cite next for "British training," Frankie Howerd?

    Not many in the world of dogs,have some that I have had dialogue with!..I thank you and many others from that side of the pond,which I gleam much from!?..digest then regurgitate ?. and then understand!
    I alway's look at the techniques',and replies of every concept from a view of ''Well hell', if it ain't broke ,don't fix it'?"..With a twist of 'Hey', what if it ain't broke?, just built wrong?
    Easy Jennifer?...I have honestly got enough enemies over here without more over there!
    Anybody wanna shoot?
    Train your dog how you wan't it to be
    And retrievers' btw are not the only dog's that do it
    Your man that drinks Bacardi?...everyone that does that without fruit is My 'kinda man'
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    For the life of me I still can't find any mention of British labrdaors on AKC's web page. They only list Labrador Retrievers??????????

    I have watched a training video where the person says he does not FF. Then later in the program he has the dog on the table.

    IMHO any time you require a dog to do something that although he may be willing to do he does want to that is force. Force doesn't mean you have to be inflicting discomfort on the dog.

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    The Australian ANKC (field trial) dog of 2011 was

    Nat Gr RtCh Kadnook Kwik Sand (Labrador Retreiver) owned and trained by Mr R Tawton

    Mr R Tawton has since imported a black male labrador from Candlewood kennel.
    Field trial labradors, the wind beneath my wings,

    sometimes poop under my boots.

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