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Thread: Retriever Training HELP!!!!!

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    Labrador Retriever, a 20g & there a better combination?

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    Do the paint roller in the hall, let her keep it on the return and make a fuss before you take it. let the dog learn the game dog gets roller brings it back you keep the game going. I dont see any reason to stop because the dog does it. its fun and gets the thinking to come back to you. use your come in whisle, or here command . in the field find a place against a hedge or fence, the dogs usually want run to their play area with the retrieve. you stay in between where the retrieve is and the place the dog is running to. at twelve weeks my pup and i played hand signals with dog food in the kitchen, didnt take long to get the idea. and fun for both of us. they dont stay puppies for very long so have some fun with your dog, there is plenty of time to train in the field when they get older and 90 pounds. dont get in a hurry it doesnt pay off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodducks View Post
    I understand not to expect much and i understand shes still a puppy but i dont want to create a bad habit for her

    This may help as well.
    May you pin all the marks and line the blinds

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    I recently got a black lab. Shes now 12 weeks old and has a lot to work on. Ive watched a couple of videos and Ive used that as something to go by. But, the dogs on the video learn in about a day. So, its really no help. Ill throw a bumper and she will run out grab the bumper, turn, and run away from me. I have tried using a checkcord but she lays down and I end up dragging her across the yard. I am trying to build her want to retrieve up to be an all time high. So, that leaves me with lots of questions. Is she too young? Do I need to do obedience training first instead? What should I do? I need all the help I can get so if you have some advice for me PLEASE share.

    She sounds like a great pup – I like the ones that want to keep the bumper as it shows good prey drive.

    So, one – you need to work on obedience. She is still a pup but there are a number of obedience dvd’s that will show you how to make obedience fun. Yes, they only spend a few minutes on a particular drill and they show you how it should look when it is done correctly. Or take a puppy obedience class – or both. As a trainer, you need confidence in yourself and your ability to read your own pup.

    Second – you don’t have to stop work on the retrieves just because you are working on obedience. Keep it short and simple at this stage but most of all, don’t worry if she lays down and you have to drag her back. She is giving you “the paw” when she lays down. It works because most owners stop pulling and she can keep the bumper! Pull harder and faster so she has to get up and return to you. Don’t worry if she drops the bumper, she will NOT like loosing her prize and after a few throws she will keep a better grip on it.

    Remember dogs are creatures of habit so make sure that when you say “here” you make her return to you and when you say “sit” you make her sit. At this stage, remember to keep your attitude positive and happy – even when she drops the bumper or lays down. No hard corrections excessive repetition on drills or retrieves.

    Have FUN and expect her to take some time and make some mistakes along the wa

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