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Thread: Fingerpainter Eating Stools ??

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    Default Fingerpainter Eating Stools ??

    Not sure what to do with this one? I have a 7 month female that has been a supreme "fingerpainter" her whole life. Well she has now picked up a new trick which tops the messy kennel twice a day. I thought I saw this a couple nights ago but saw her first hand last night, when I let the dogs out to clean she went down to a older males kennel and proceeded to eat his stools? Whats up?? Can say this is a new one and not sure how to proceed? She is fed twice a day and is on Nature's Balance. I understand to not let her into the kennel but what about out in the airing area as she will scoop it up there? Any suggestions is surely appreciated.

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    If you do a search you will find that crap eating is an ongoing problem for a lot of people.
    None of the suggested solutions worked for me. I finally switched to a high quality, grain free food and fed 50% more than recommended and maintained that until the dogs started gaining weight.
    The crap eating stopped. The dogs have more energy and they need 70% less water, probably due to less carbs.
    I believe the problem exists because the commercial grain based dog foods are not providing all the nutrition the dog’s need. The dog’s behavior supports this.
    Duckworth Retrievers

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    Thanks for your reply. She has maintained her weight, but it is sure worth a try.

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    When I switched to higher protien diet the majority of my poop scooping/poopsical eating stopped. I still have one old girl that will do it occasionally.

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