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Thread: Breeder info?

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    Default Breeder info?

    Anyone have a dog from Rick at old oak retrievers or any general information about him and his dogs.

    how about mud creek retrievers out of Illinois.

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    Anyone? to the top

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    Where is Old Oak Ret. loocated?

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    Rick McConico at Old Oak is a stand up type of guy. No bull, no run around. He also has the only FTCH titled bitches in the U.S., which he is breeding now/soon. He is also willing to work with people as a mentor if needed.

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    I enjoyed speaking to him on the Phone the other day. very straight forward.

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    As for Mud Creek Retrievers. I know a couple guys that have pups from them and they seem to be happy with them as far as I know and I know they get hunted quite a bit. They are on the smaller side, if that has any bearing on anything to you. Other than that, I have no other info on'em.

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    thanks fro the replies so far, keep em coming, I tried returning a private message and it would not let me until I have ten posts

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    I don't know Rick's dogs but I do know him. He is a great guy.
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    Rick and Andrea are good people. They run a beautiful kennel and boarding facility just outside of Blooming Prairie, MN. They are active members of the Southern MN Hunting Retriever Association, and allow the club to use their grounds for one of our AKC Hunting Tests each year.
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    Thanks again, If nothing comes up before his litters this spring I may be getting a pup from him.

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