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Thread: Crates for Expedition

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    Default Crates for Expedition

    Does any mfg make a crate system to fit a new expedition with these requirements:

    must be very suitable for warm weather and lots of ventilation (Florida)
    2 crates side by side
    storage drawer underneath.

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    I have a Chevy Suburban, and did some shopping around recently.

    Truck Vault makes a nice system, for a huge price tag - $1000 for a crate!!! Plus they weigh a ton.

    Check out this site for drawers:

    I then added two nice wire crates on top of the drawer units. They are all light weight enough to take out when I need to haul some stuff w/out the dogs. All of this for a fraction of the cost of most systems.

    The other unit I looked at was harder to take in and out since it was heavy, but not too pricey. You may want ot look at them though:

    Good luck

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    I bought a Deer Creek box. You can choose fro a number of different options. You can see their products at I live in Arkansas so insulation during hot weather was extremely important to me as well. I'd highly recommend their product.

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    Call Ainley, they can make custom one's for under $1000.....

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