(LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)
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Thread: (LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)

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    Default (LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)

    AFC Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator) at Stud.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    CFC CAFC Gahonk's Aint He Handy X CFC CAFC Pilkingtons Kayte of Southgate
    Handy: EIC clearance #: D09-021904, CNM clearance #: LR-CNM07-123-M-PIV
    Kayte: EIC clearance #: LR-EIC203/84F-VPI, CNM clearance#: LR-CNM06-989-F-PIV
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    OFA Hips - Excellent - LR-199461E27M-VPI
    OFA Elbows - Normal - LR-EL55897M27-VPI
    OFA CERF - LR-373636
    EIC & CNM - Clear

    Gator is a 80 lb. Yellow located in the Baton Rouge Area. 100% Amateur trained and handled.
    D.O.B. March 29, 2010
    2012 Derby List
    2015 National Amateur

    Prospective Bitches must have health clearances and negative brucellosis.

    Contact Larry Anderson - (225) 253-6179 or larry.anderson5241@gmail.com
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