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Thread: (LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)

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    Default (LA) Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator)

    Sidney Down The Bayou (Gator) at Stud.

    __________________________________________________ _______________

    CFC CAFC Gahonk's Aint He Handy X CFC CAFC Pilkingtons Kayte of Southgate
    Handy: EIC clearance #: D09-021904, CNM clearance #: LR-CNM07-123-M-PIV
    Kayte: EIC clearance #: LR-EIC203/84F-VPI, CNM clearance#: LR-CNM06-989-F-PIV
    __________________________________________________ ________________

    OFA Hips - Excellent - LR-199461E27M-VPI
    OFA Elbows - Normal - LR-EL55897M27-VPI
    OFA CERF - LR-373636
    EIC & CNM - Clear

    Gator is a 80 lb. Yellow located in the Baton Rouge Area. 100% Amateur trained and handled.
    D.O.B. March 29, 2010
    2012 Derby List
    2012 QAA with Win
    2012 Amateur Reserve Jam ( first all-age stake )
    Open / Special 4th Place
    Amateur Jam
    Open Jam
    Open 3rd Place
    Open RJ and Amateur 3rd (same weekend)
    Open RJ
    Amateur 4th
    Open 3rd and Amateur Jam (same weekend)
    Amateur 4th
    Amateur 4th
    Amateur 3rd and Open Jam (same weekend)
    Amateur WIN - Qualifies for 2015 National Amateur
    Amateur 3rd

    Prospective Bitches must have health clearances and negative brucellosis.

    Contact Larry Anderson - (225) 253-6179 or
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