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Thread: Advice on Gunners Up wingers?

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    Member Danny Castro's Avatar
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    Thanks guys I was leaning toward the full size, because space is not a issue. This really helped me make up my mind.

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    I use full size Gunners up wingers and would recommend them over the SOG . I really like the safety features on the Gunners Up wingers and have three that performed well for the last two years

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    I have both and prefer the SOG due it storage and handling. If you use silver threa band and cut it 2'' shorter than the original it will throw just as high and long as the original.
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    zinger winger all the way

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    Danny, Glad this thread helped you some. The choice of a winger, like choosing any other piece of equipment, is pretty well a matter of personal preference after a product has stood the test of time in the market. It never is a good practice for one person to say a competitors product is inferior if it is not the case, your house never looks better by burning down your neighbors. If I can help you, or anyone else get pricing or answer any other questions don't hesitate to shoot me a PM. Have a great week. - Brian
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    I had the Son of a Gun and had no problems with the throws; easily adjustable.
    The staff is friendly and helpful on the phone. I would buy one again.
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    I have and use 2 Son of a Gun wingers and love them. Some times I wish they would throws just a hair further for a set up. But overall money well spent
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