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Thread: Pointing Dogs? Anybody train them....

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    Thanks everyone. A lot of good feedback here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pupaloo View Post
    That Pointer is a beautiful dog, WRL!
    Thanks....I think so too.....


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    Quote Originally Posted by maddog58 View Post
    Pointing Lab? I just opened the can of worms
    That's a thought.....you know of any upcoming litters?

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    I train about 50/50, pointing breeds to retrievers, and work closely with the Delmar Smith method. I also write for Pointing Dog Journal with Delmar's son, Rick.
    There are good dogs and bad dogs in most all breeds. A Llewelyn setter would be a fine choice, as would a well-bred dog of any of the pointing breeds. I currently own a Brittany, and have two GSPs in my training string....have had some of all the pointing breeds pass through here. If you buy a well-bred pup, what you put into it is what you'll get out of it. My next pointing dog will be an English pointer, preferable with a little Elhew in the mix.

    To speak to your original question: With the pointing breeds, there is a lot less control during the first year as opposed to retrievers, and a lot more fun afield to encourage prey drive and birdiness. Birds, birds and more birds. If you compare the retrievers vs. the pointers as far as AKC hunt tests, a MH for pointing dogs is light years easier to train for and achieve than a MH for retrievers.

    And cross-training is possible.

    Sharon Potter


    Chesapeake Bay Retrievers...too many to list.

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    Why would you want a setter when you could have one of these......

    VC TJ's Miss Filson MH, UTI

    VC TJ's Highfalutin Hawkeye MH, UTI

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRD View Post
    I recently had the opportunity to go upland hunting for the first time, and really enjoyed watching the dogs work. I was curious if anyone on here has ever trained or been around pointers much. How does the training compare to retreiver training in regards to difficulty? I work with one of the guys affiliated with the hunting preserve we hunted on and he has a 6 month old Llewellin Setter he is selling, and I'm considering getting the dog and training it myself, but I have never even been around pointers until this year. If I was to go ahead and get the dog, what training videos or books do you recommend? Any information, advice, or comments are welcome. Thanks.

    The pointing dog trainers I have met tend to back off on obedience because they want to develop the hunt in the dog. I don't know if all trainers are like that. I have had a hand in training Brits, GSPs, and a Braque Francais. The Braque has a terrific nose. We recently hunted him on state land and we got 7 points on birds, all pointed in heavy brush.

    I think that force fetching was a little more tedious than what I do for retrievers.

    The Brit that I am currently helping a friend with is the most natural retriever of the ones I have dealt with and is very good in the water.

    I have to add that I had the opportunity to watch two Muensterlanders work. I really liked what I saw.
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    Personally, I love my big running horseback english pointers..all 7 of them. But, I also have an excellent shorthair, a setter, and recently lost an elderly Braque D'Auvergne. All have their strong points and weak points. Nothing gets your attention more than a stunning 12 o'clock tailed english pointer reaching to the front, but they are not for the faint of heart and are generally less interested in retrieving than the Continental breeds. If I were limited to just one foot hunting dog, it would most likely be a shorthair...as long as it was mostly white for visibility purposes. BTW, those big running pointers make excellent house dogs. All of mine are raised in the house and at least two live in the house at all times.

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    These are some pictures of our pointers (GSP Jack) and my husband's pointer "Big" (Derby Dog of year OVFTC) along with our trainer's setter that I took for his client. These are all cool dogs BTW we live in Western KY and train WMA all the time. Would be glad to recommend a trainer if you want to send a PM

    -Martha Veatch

    Lab crew from KY Breeze and Wilson

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    Great pics- Love those high heads and tail sets-

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