Stick fetch and casting question.
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Thread: Stick fetch and casting question.

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    Default Stick fetch and casting question.

    Have a couple questions.
    Pup went through Hillman program and we are now using Fowl dawgs.

    Today was his first stick fetch session, it went as well as it could in my eyes's (i think) he completely ignored the pressure and launched for the bumber a couple wimpers but no hesistation at all.. So this is good right? I thought after watching the video 4 times i wanted the dog to refuse so i could re-enforce with a ear pinch. Or does this mean i was thourough enough with my FF. I really took my time and was very consistant.

    when working on 3 handed casting or baseball he kinda seems to have a issue with the left hand back, so i move over a bit to the side to push/steer him to make his right turn as i left hand back... As above i am really patient and if he slips up i stop him right away. I will work on it as long as i need but is there anything else i can do to help him out?

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    Did you know dogs are one of the few animals to understand "pointing"/casting?

    Do you wonder- if left arm means left, right arm means right...what does arm up mean (towards the heavens) - to a dog?

    Smart cookies these dogs of ours.

    Sometimes it is easier, if we are really simplify in teaching.

    Some dogs simply seem to learning casting mechanics easily.

    Some dogs who do not seem to learn as quickly, may be better off, being taught one cast at a time then generalise it...then learn the next etc etc.

    Just a thought. Good luck! Dogs are fantastic change of environment readers, often at a glance they take so much information. That can be good and bad!!
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