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Thread: what caused your hatred of unions?

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    All one needs to do is objectively review what's going on in Illinois, a state RUN by DA UNIONs.

    That is the problem.....................
    Stan b & Elvis

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    for marvin

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    Quote Originally Posted by luvmylabs23139 View Post
    don't feel sorry for me. I came to this country legally as a child. All i see these days is that everything my parents believed in and taught me has been shot to hell. Illegals being aloweed to stay??? What the f??
    Work hard to sucseed???? No so much, just claim the race card and the hard worker gets f'd for the minority do nothing.
    My tax money goes to teaching peopleenglish?????? Why????????

    Jump the border , squat down and plop out the annchor baby and i have to pay for that???????screw that crap!!!!
    I'm not bitter i want everyome to play by the rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by murral stark View Post
    I am curious. For those of you that hate the unions, what has caused that hatred? I have explained my hatred for "rich" people. Not so much the people themselves, just their actions. Someone recently asked me if I actually hated the rich people or just their actions. Some of those rich people I do personally hate for reasons that make sense to me.
    I don’t like to use hate but.…..I only “hate” the government unions that want my tax dollars to pay their unsustainable pensions. If a private sector union wants to be stupid with their money…more power to them.

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