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Thread: coyotes

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    Ladies Smith and Wesson 38 is a nice starter. Made with ladies in mind. Shoots nice and smooth and light weight.
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    You guys mist have BIG coyotes!
    What thier tusk lenghts?

    I LOVE to hunt them..

    A simple wounded rabbit call,, and squeal it like you is really hurt, and an accurate rifle in .223 caliber, shooting 55 gr. Hornady "Sx" bullets,, and it doest the job well.

    The 55 "sx" (super explosive) goes in, then defragments, and doesnt leavean exit hole.. The coyote takes ful energy of the round.
    It makes a nice pelt, cause you just have 1 small .22 caliber hole in it.

    Shoot em in the ear,,, and Ya have a perfect pelt..

    They are FUn to call and shoot.. Very smart and crafty.

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    Mike living unfortunately close to Atlanta and All of its associated wildlife, here you dress for Griz' everyday. Never thought I'd be "strappin" while just out on my own place but home invasions are all too common around here even in daylight and we are way off the road, so the coyote gets what's available, and it's big and laser-sighted. The .223 is relegated to planned fun hunting of 'yotes.
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    We have a lot of coyotes here and I just carry bear spray. That's what I would recommend, especially since you're not comfortable with a gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by archer66 View Post
    I thought Cleo was a dog until she started shooting......
    You are half right - BUT, I always was the 'Head Bitch' at Gator Point. Since we have given the name and line to Mandy Cieslinski, I guess that she now holds that title. That just leaves me as "Head Bitch, Emeritus" LOL
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    We hear'em around our place all the time and see them regularly. They do get used to humans and can get pretty bold. Have had them come out of the woods while I've been mowing the front yard and stop and watch from the road. Not sure if they're critiquing my straight lines or what. I certainly don't plan anything special to avoid them but do just like most people aware that they're always out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer Henion View Post
    They are everywhere here in Northern California, too. I walk my two goldens in cow pastures and wild life areas and see them often. They are well fed with rabbits and birds and rats and mice. If you have rabbits and other rodents around, they likely wouldn't be desperate enough to attach your dogs while you are with them. Still, doesn't hurt to have a gun. I bought a Benelli Ultra Light 20 ga shot gun. It is lighter than most shotguns and has less recoil than a 12 ga. Don't think they come in pink, though

    Unfortunately Jen, that was not true for me. We have an abundance of wabbits and rodents. A coyote got my wife's rescue dog, and it has forever changed our routine. I used to leave em alone, but I now have quite a disdain for the wild dogs. I like your choice of guns!

    Here is a link to my post , and responses from RTF-ers
    John Stroh, Lodi ca

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    You folks who have seen bold behavior in coyotes must live in an area where they don't get hunted. Around here if the see a human they are GONE in a flash. If they happen to be out in daylight hours and see a car or truck they watch cautiously....if the truck or car stops they are GONE as fast as they can. Around here guys REALLY love to drive the backroads looking for them. When they find one the brakes are slammed on and everyone bails out and the rifles start firing.

    I've got a buddy who hunts with a group of guys using dogs and rifles....sometimes the dogs kill the coyotes, sometimes the hunters get to shoot them. That group of guys killed 100 coyotes last year. Not sure how many the kill annually but it's a BUNCH. Needless to say the coyotes around here are pretty shy...

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    Far Northern California


    Quote Originally Posted by 7pntail View Post
    Unfortunately Jen, that was not true for me. We have an abundance of wabbits and rodents. A coyote got my wife's rescue dog, and it has forever changed our routine. I used to leave em alone, but I now have quite a disdain for the wild dogs. I like your choice of guns!

    Here is a link to my post , and responses from RTF-ers
    Oh man!!! Yes, I stand corrected! Sorry about your wife's dog, John. That is scary!

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    Be very careful of those coyotes, Jen. Do not let your Goldens run out of sight in those pastures and or woods where you see them often.

    Also, if you see coyotes, get your Goldens on leash with you, do not let them give chase into cover. They hunt mostly at dusk. So careful if they are yipping, then a group effort of all out noise..and usually howling if they have something down. Do not want your dogs in their way, near a fresh kill or their pups.

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