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Thread: THIS is what an FC AFC MH was born to do!

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    Senior Member Richard Finch's Avatar
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    Last pic is a wall hanger!

    SHOOT EM' IN THE LIPS..........

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    Senior Member Cleo Watson's Avatar
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    Really a beautiful boy. Gotta love those 'brown dogs'. Thanks Frank for givin him the change to show what he can do.
    A true friend is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart.

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    Senior Member Scott Adams's Avatar
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    A FT dog hasn't done it all, until it's worked in a neoprene vest. Those great pictures are even better because of the graying muzzle.
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    Senior Member Bayou Magic's Avatar
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words about the aging mutant.

    Quote Originally Posted by huntinman View Post
    Frank, that must be your honey hole... I seem to recall pics from that very spot before...
    Yes indeed. The severe drought here is responsible for the water being 4-5 feet low, but on the good days it can still be pretty good. More of a hit and miss than it used to be.

    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    I think the Kissy photo is the Money shot. Where are the action photos?
    We'll be working on some action photos. They are much more challenging.

    Quote Originally Posted by HPL View Post
    Just googled it and can't find any mention. Surely it would be all over the place if true. Anyone see the Heisman announcement on the Lamar electronic billboards? My cousin ('79) is the SW district manager for Lamar and he arranged for the announcement to go up on all 1700 billboards across the country within seconds of the official word and I was just wondering if anyone saw it.
    Gigging Aggies is soooo easy!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wade View Post
    GOOD LUCK with that.

    By the way, what is the use of the vest for?
    Had some ice on the water that morning. The vests just give the old boy a little protection when he plows through it. Also retains a little body heat.

    Quote Originally Posted by AmiableLabs View Post
    Has it really been nine years since I held that special little puppy in my lap? ~ sigh ~ Time sure does fly.

    I miss you Terri.

    Anyway Frank, Sherri is wondering if you are banking Roux's semen for future breedings?
    Kevin, it really has been 9 years. I often wish Terri was still with us so she could see what those 2 special pups from her breeding have done. Who would have dreamed it, especially knowing that I was looking for a dog that could occasionally run a hunt test. Tell Sherri we do have some semen banked.

    Quote Originally Posted by Cleo Watson View Post
    Really a beautiful boy. Gotta love those 'brown dogs'. Thanks Frank for givin him the change to show what he can do.
    Thanks Cleo. My one regret with this dog is that I was (and am) limited in the number of trials we could run. Being one of the average Joes and working full time its just not possible for us to travel and run 20+ trials a year. Not complaining - I feel very fortunate to run what we do.

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    Awesome pics, I agree with the comment about selling to Cabela's- They be lucky to put that in their christmas magazine!
    Bob Owens
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    Senior Member Terri's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by rboudet View Post
    You need to sell that last photo to Cabels's
    I would buy that T-shirt. My favorite is the one with the chocolate kiss.


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