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Thread: End of the year statistics from Retriever Results

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    Bon thanks for posting that pretty cool info, sure doesn't take long to look at that list and see who works a regular job everyday and see who works at training or competing everyday. That list of people who work 50-75hrs per week at a regular job and still find time to train to this level is real short I count two but possibly 3.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Huff View Post
    Is the website compatible with apple? Last I checked it wasn't. I really liked looking at it.

    You have to download MS Silverlight. It works with Apple but not that well, IME. I think it may be more of an issue of new releases of silverlight that you have to download the new one every time. It is frustrating but I guess it keeps me from wasting too much time on Retriever Results, I guess. It is a great resource, though.

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    Hi all, Many thanks for the kind words about Retriever Results. Nearly 4,000 people receive the newsletters each week and have been terrific at providing feedback to make them and the website even better and more useful. Silverlight works on a Mac "sort of." It can be a bit flaky. That said, when we're not working our day jobs, we are hard at work planning the next major software release which will make the service available on phones and IPADs. That said, we have heard you "loud and clear" and know how much you'd like it to see it on these other platforms. When we have a date, we'll let you know. Have a great holiday everyone!
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