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Thread: jr test question

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    its easy to say "stick with high standards" at a test. But I wimped out and grabbed that duck as quick as i could. I didn't know about "programs" and force fetch was a foreign concept. The two girls passed in spite of me. Now I am back to square one undoing stuff and trying to ingrain stuff I didn't so I can take run at Senior. With my pup Cane will be on a program with standards and a process.

    Your allowed to grab that duck anyway you can before it hits the ground. Once on the ground your regressed to pleading and prodding the little fur ball to pick it up while he or she plays with it like their favorite chew toy. In my opinion its up to you in the heat of the moment what will make you happy and your objective. I for one opted for the pass, and rationalized that it saved me $75 and I would then train harder and smarter so I wouldn't have to do the swoop and grab again.

    Good luck ... and if anything I have learned (and its been lot with lot more to learn) that it is easier to train then to correct.
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    My first Jr test judge instructed us NOT to make the dogs come into heel position, even if we had trained for it (which I had not). Most of us were newbs and he said, just get the duck, don't create potential problems requiring heel.

    That judge also set up a rare three mark test. My dog got the first two birds, lickity split, great delivery. I quickly got him in position for 3rd bird, he raced for it, brought it back and practically threw it at me so he could spin around and look for a 4th! If we had only had 2 marks, we would have nailed it.

    Learned a lot from that first dog and started right with my second. Still learning...

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    I've judged these events and the thing I stress to all participants (especialy junior handlers) is to get a copy of the AKC rule book..... and read it. It helped me to know what the standard was and become a better handler/trainer.
    Get one at the AKC website!

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    Another question I have is the intimidating the dog term. We always tap the side of our leg to get the dog to heel along with the command. Is that considered intimidating the dog, and is it frowned upon?

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    You should be OK without the heel and sit but be careful not top grab the collar before you get the bird.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDogger View Post
    Do not run any tests, either UKC, AKC or NAHRA until your dog is coming to heel and delivering to hand! You are just wasting your time in the long run. Don't run any entry level tests until your dog is ready to run the next level. Of course if your only goal is a JH, SHR than go for it. JD
    I totally agree with JDogger. I judged a Jr test 2 weeks ago, had a young dog bring a bird back toward the line but dropped the bird about 5-8 feet from the handler and then completely lost interest in the bird. The handler explained that the "puppy" was only 7 months old, was not forced fetch trained but the handler felt he was a good marking dog. I agreed that the dog could mark, but marking was just part of the complete test. I wonder if the handler realizes the problem issues that were created that Saturday that will take hours of training to correct?
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    Quote Originally Posted by murral stark View Post
    Another question I have is the intimidating the dog term. We always tap the side of our leg to get the dog to heel along with the command. Is that considered intimidating the dog, and is it frowned upon?
    You should be fine with a tap of the leg to get a dog to heel with you. I don't see any intimidation there unless the moment you tap I were to see the dogs tail tuck and he cowers like he's about to be beaten You'll see all sorts of taps, tugs etc... in a junior test and for the most part I don't see any of it as being intimidation until the dog gives me a reason to believe it's intimidation. But please try to get the dog to heel nicely to the line.....when a dog is walking on 2 legs and pulling the handler to the line, the gallery may laugh...but they're about the only ones.
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