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Thread: Dominant behavior

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    Quote Originally Posted by bjoiner View Post
    I just laugh and rub the heck out of my dog when he does it. I guarantee you my dog's is not a dominance thing. His is usually accompanied with some verbal moans and groans, and following by him rolling on his back for a belly rub.

    It sounds like he has done a good job of training me.
    Yes mine too!! So do we have dominant dogs??? I think my older guy is? but really kind and tries!
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    2 dogs in the house currently. The one CLF that doesn't have a dominant bone in her body will raise a paw and put it on you when being petted. The BLF, who would be dominant if I let him, never has. I've always thought it was a insecurity issue if anything. I just stop petting and tell her to put her paw down before resuming.
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    I guess the key issue here is that you want to stop the behavior. It doesn't matter whether it's dominance or affection, if you don't want them to do it, you'll have to train them out of it. Love the video link posted, classic! I'd start off by stopping the petting the instant the foot goes on. Don't just say "no," tell the dog to do something (sit, for example) and then praise for compliance. Lots of praise for feet on the floor, then just continue with petting. To clarify, when the foot hits your let or hand, immediately stop petting, say "no, sit" then reward for sitting. That's where I'd start.
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    Fantastic clip! Thank you.
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