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Thread: *Need Advice* Soft Whining in the Box (Pit Blind)

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    My 4 year old BLF will whine a bit, but only when she's bored and the coots are around. You see when she was a pup and the ducks were few between I would shoot her coots, the coots gave us something to do and built her enthusiasm for the game. I only shot the coots for the first year, but now at the break of dawn when the coots get out of the tules and make their way into the pond my girl just can't figure out why I'm not shooting them for her. I don't have to get physical with her to stop, a simple "quite" usually works for a while.

    Other than what was outlined above my dog is not a vocal dog, she does not whine during training or testing. And when the action is good in the blind, not sound. My son says she has ADHD, I can't argue with that.
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    So at first I thought he just wanted some affection b/c he seems to stop when I give him my hand are rub on his face etc.
    In reality, the dog wasn't corrected for whining...he was rewarded. Since the pup is not through basics, an ingrained correction process is not in place. This means the pup probably is not fully ready to hunt. If you continue (without a consistent, understood correction process in place), whining will become a negative expectation (bad habit) that will be more difficult to extinguish.

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    Had the same problem with several dogs. Most recently whining in the Duck blind and the holding blind and trying to always be looking out. I know when you are hunting it is nice if the dog can mark some retrieves. But this cured my dog of whining all the time.
    I started in the house making her lay down at my feet where ever we were. (I had to teach her to lay down with the down command.) Then moved that to several holding blinds, move from blind to blind making her sit then with the command "down" she would lay down at my feet. Takes some time but it worked. Finally she gave in and settled down.
    Then as we trained I would set up a holding blind 10 to 20 yards from where we were running the other dogs. As the others ran their dogs I would spend time with her laying in the holding blind.
    You will not only cure the whining but will establish a great bond with your dog. Eventually when you return to the hunting blind she/he will be as patient as you are.

    Now it sounds like your dog is just very excited and wants to do what you have trained him to do, which is to retieve.
    May I suggest that you watch a little "Ceasar" THE DOG WHISPERER. This whole process will make alot more sense.

    Good Luck

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    Hi Dustin, I an many others can relate to what Your going through.My dog is three now and we've been dealing with this issue since the first time we started actually hunting. We have tried everything done just about anything trying to quiet him down.We have passed Three finished tests but barely because of whining.I know that two of his litter mates have the same issue.After doing tons of research and talking to some pros, I have come to the conclsion in my case at least that most if not all of this vocalisation is hereditary.Age doesnt seem to be helping much.I know there are pros out there that could help but i dont have the resources for that.I wish i would have waited to hunt over him he was 12 months when i took him. Maybe your dog is to young also.

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    Yea no doubt he's young and I think it's possible that he still thinks he can do what he wants to do. Since Hunting season started we haven't trained near as hard as we normally do. At the Start of Teal Season we were training 3-5 times a week.

    He's only been hunting 4 maybe 5 times. In Teal Season he didn't make a peep b/c it was his first time I guess.

    2nd Hunt was short with plenty birds to retrieve so no problem.

    3-4th Hunt was this soft whining. his mouth never opens, he just exhales the whine sort of but like I said from popping him with a no to drop kicking him, there's no stopping it.

    I've got all access to several blinds and hundreds of acres of rice fields and plan on making full use of them now that Duck Season is Over.

    I'm confident that once training picks back up and some more time in the blind with a friend throwing 'Marks' and planting blinds etc I can get it under control.

    Thanks for the replies folks.

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