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Thread: McClusky/Mercer/Goodrich North Dakota

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    Default McClusky/Mercer/Goodrich North Dakota

    Our hunting group has stayed in the area a couple of times and we love the Mercer and McClusky area. Goodrich is also close enough to consider for a house in this area. I am looking for a place large enough to hold at least 6-8 hunters and 3-4 dogs comfortably.

    I am starting to look at purchasing a house in the area between these three communities. If you know someone who has a decent place for sale in the area around/between these three communities please have them send me a pm.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

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    I have what is left of a house in Goodrich. Inside is okay outside needs help. Roof, entryway. If you are handy it could be a place for you. It was a wife project and she became unable to continue and I have not the desire. If you have been there you know the area. Problem is I somewhere lost most of the newer pictures of what had been done inside. Basically Kitchen cleaned up, paneled flooring put down. Living room cleaned up, some paneling done. 3 bedrooms are small but repainted. Bathroom has not been worked on. $10,000 gets you a quit claim deed. I have a local guy that mows the lawn and watches out. Taxes currently $56 per year, electric 8 per month. city sewer, water and garbage $42 per month. Electric panel redone 3 years ago. We had a real estate agent list it and she did not do much of a job. She thought we would get 23k out of it. I doubted that. 2 small city lots.
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    Don, we have a place in Mcclusky..we are pending a sale but if it doesnt fly I can let you know...if you want to see pics of it go to or email me and I can give you more info...thanks..

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    finacing fell the house is still available..

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    both of you jbthor and jacduck

    I am intrested in your houses if they fit my needs, send me contact info and I will be intouch!!!!

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    check you pm....thanks...jb

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    Mcclusky house is sold! Thanks for the inquirys

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