Another Boykin question
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Thread: Another Boykin question

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    Default Another Boykin question

    I've mostly hunted over Vizsla's, GSP & Britts... Had to put my Vizsla down last year at 9yrs with cancer... still having a hard time with it and no dog this season... anyway, time for a new dog. My wife wants a smaller dog & I have to have a hunting dog. Needs to be versatile! I like NAVHDA, I decided on a Brittany and found a good breeder with good bloodlines etc... anyway, I'm looking through a cataloge yesterday and see a little dog advertising a neoprene dog vest, thought is was a puddle pointer or something... turns out to be a Boykin. What the heck is a Boykin... made a few calls, no info on the breed, researched and found some basic stuff... friend on another forum ( suggested I look over here.
    Q; are there any breeders in California? I don't care about show, agility, field trials etc... (though I may run a few field trials just for fun).... needs to be a good family dog & hunt!
    I don't mind traveling any distance to get a good dog... I know blood lines & training have a lot to do with it...
    I would get another Vizsla in a heart beat, but I also like being married too ... I know I said a lot there with only one question... but the next dog I get will be us for the next 10yrs+ we will also, most likely be getting another dog in a year and I would really like to see these dogs work....
    Q; anybody seen these dogs work in the retriever trials on the west coast? (I'm in OC), so I don't mind driving...

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    Senior Member Duckquilizer's Avatar
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    You wife will like the Boykin, she can tie pretty pink ribbons around the brown possum's curly ears! LOL
    Kendall Layne

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    Never play leap frog with a unicorn.

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    Yo DOP,

    You might want to contact the owners of "Duke of Earl", They're great people......
    Breed: Boykin Spaniel - "Duke of Earl"
    Owners: Elroy and Lorri Olson, Deer Island, Oregon
    Titles: 500 point HRC Champion

    Found it - Elroy/Lorri Olson
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    Lots of Boykins here on the East Coast. GRHRCH dogs are growing! Duckquilizer sounds like your jealous. Must have gotten beaten by one!

    I own three myself.

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    Find Elroy in Oregon. I can't find his email but, it is riverpilot something? Someone here surely can PM his contact info to you.

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    Just about anyone in NC or SC are familiar with Boykins...the breed was developed in Boykin, SC...thus the breed name Boykin! Great "little" dogs with big hearts!
    My Girls...
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    Thanks for some direction... anymore info would be greatly appreciated... my daughter would love to ty pink ribbons on a dog... but she prefers pink camo... I teach jr. high, so nothing phases me...

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    Get a hold of Blaine Tarnecki. He is on here. BlaineT I believe. Also Dan Reel. Two of the nicest most knowledgeable Possum guys I know.
    Joe Overby
    Candler Creek Retrievers
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOG ON POINT View Post
    Thanks for some direction... anymore info would be greatly appreciated... my daughter would love to ty pink ribbons on a dog... but she prefers pink camo... I teach jr. high, so nothing phases me...
    Boykin Spaniel Society has a wealth of information regarding the breed if you haven't checked there yet
    Terrie Tomlinson
    Frontier Retrievers

    HR Frontier's True Grit With a Cause "Rooster"
    Frontier's Gossip Girl With A Cause "Gabby"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rick Vaughan View Post
    Great "little" dogs with big hearts!
    With big hauls too.

    The "10+ years" counted on for working a gundog runs true with Boykins - Cracker's soon to blow out the candles

    for turning 12 - when she gets a little time between "loading and reloading"...

    And Boykins ain't possums either, the stub tail'll tell you that - They're better labeled as "mud poodles."

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