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Thread: Syria & Mid-East Policy

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    Default Syria & Mid-East Policy
    I found this American Thinker piece a thoughtful summary of how the US policy in the ME has been evolving, and where we now find ourselves. Seems that no matter what tack we take, we are facing these countries coming under the cloak of Sharia-law-abiding govts.

    The name of Neville Chamberlain keeps coming to my mind.
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    With the Dems and Repubs in charge, I doubt we will ever learn to mind our own business and take care of America first.

    There are two senarios that could change our insane Foreign Policy. The first is the total collapse of the dollar. When China and the International Bankers realize they may never get paid back, they'll cut the funds off. This is the most likely senario. The other is if we elect a Libertarian Republican like Rand Paul as President. He is one of the few that understands that our Foreign Policy is not controlled by the people but by international bankers and military contractors.

    The people are too preoccupied with social issues to research or examine our Foreign Policy beyond headlines. Most have become sheep and don't mind the excessive Federal taxation of ALL tax brackets. Our Foreign Policy hasn't changed since the end of WW2. Our history since then is in backing the wrong puppets. Our politicians need to stop trying to pick winners and tend to the people's interest instead.
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    C S Lewis

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